Boy, have we got some interesting news for you...

Matchbox Media will be merging with another well-known design and advertising agency, SimonSAYS. We’re all really excited about what this means for us, and what this means for you, as our clients, too.

What this means for us:

Well, for starters, we’re going to be packing up shop here in Walmer Downs and heading off to SimonSAYS headquarters at 34 Gordon Terrace, Central. We’ll also be joining forces with the great team of designers from SimonSAYS, as well as their very talented web design sister company, Perfect Circle.

Click here to visit the SimonSAYS website,
and here for the Perfect Circle website.

Lastly, it means we bid farewell to the Matchbox name - it’s been good to us over the last 3 years, but times do change, and so do names.

What this means for you:

Sentimentality aside, rest assured - there is nothing for you as a client to be sad about - we’ll be bigger, stronger, and designier! Yup, more designers means more quality work, more quickly. So you’re still in good hands... just more of them.

To the future!

We here from Matchbox would like to extend the biggest thank you to each and every one of you for your loyalty and support over the years, and we hope that as long as we keep bringing you the striking ideas, you’ll keep bringing us the business, no matter what we call ourselves.

The Matchbox Team