About Us

We make your life easier!

You speak to us, we throw in some Striking Ideas, we make it happen.

How do we do this?

By providing a one-stop, all-inclusive service to all our clients – We are the first and last people you need to speak to regarding any of your corporate identity (CI), graphic design or marketing needs.

What does that mean?

It means that we can meet all of your design and marketing needs!

We can, for example, design your new company logo, your stationery, your website, your signage, your corporate apparel, your promotional items and even your vehicle stickers.

Simply put: we do everything.

How can you possibly do everything?

By working smarter, not harder. We personally oversee all of the design elements, website creation and photography. Working with us is a trusted collection of outsourcers that take care of all the heavy lifting - printing, signage, installations, web hosting, backend development, silk screening, embroidery etc.

Wait a second! So technically...

Yes, technically speaking, we don’t do everything ourselves, but doing things this way does allow you, the client, a number of benefits:

  • Because we out-source, we are not restricted to just one supplier – we can select the one (or as many as required) best suited for your specific needs. This means you get the best quality and the best value. And we oversee everything!
  • No longer do you need to juggle designers, sign-makers and web designers’ numbers. Ours is the only number you’ll ever need.
  • A Day of back to back marketing meetings becomes one all-encompassing meeting with us. Time-saving much?
  • We take responsibility – tired of your business cards being a different colour to your shop sign? We personally make sure that there is consistency and follow-through in all of your projects. Ensuring a cohesive marketing strategy that works exactly the way you expect.

So, what you're saying is...
you're The Right Match for us?