Fine Print Dept.

Get your magnifying glass ready... just kidding.

Below you will find our abbreviated terms and conditions - it covers all the basics people usually want to know.

If you would like to read the full, unabridged version, go make yourself a cup of coffee and then Click Here.



1.1 Any Matchbox Marketing & Design quotation or proposal signed in acceptance by the client will be taken as acceptance of both the basic and general terms and conditions as laid out and available on the Matchbox Marketing & Design website (www.matchboxmd.co.za - “The Fine Print Dept.”).

1.2 Matchbox Marketing & Design reserves the right to amend The terms and conditions from time to time and without prior notice, unless so specified in the general terms and conditions document.


2.1 Any design and layout fee quoted is based on the understanding that all photographs, images and text will be provided by the client and will be of appropriate quality.

2.2 Any photography or image design or manipulation not already included in the quotation or proposal will be at additional cost to the quotation or proposal.


3.1 Any photographs supplied by the client are deemed to have been authorised by the copyright holder for the intended use.

3.2 The client accepts full responsibility for any and all rights issues relating to images supplied by the client.

3.3 Copyright of any brand marks or logos designed under contract for the client will transfer to the client only after full payment of fees invoiced, based on the accepted quotation and any addendums thereto.


4.1 A Tax Invoice will be provided on acceptance of any quotation or proposal and shall reflect the required deposit.

4.2 A 50% deposit is due on acceptance of any quotation or proposal. No work shall commence on or relating to the accepted design, print or production until receipt of the required deposit is confirmed.

4.3 A further Tax Invoice will be provided on completion of all required work which will reflect the balance due.

4.4 The balance will be payable on presentation of the second invoice (COD).

4.5 Handover of completed work, in what ever form, will be on confirmation of receipt of the balance due.

4.6 In the case of a website: publication of the completed website or handover of a CD/DVD containing such site content will be on confirmation of receipt of the balance due.


5.1 Production time will vary for each product in the Expand-a-Sign range and is taken from the first business day after the day on which the final artwork approval is received by Expand-a-Sign.

For example: Flying banners - seven business days. Or Ex-Dome Gazebo - 10 business days.

5.2 Freight charges ex Durban are applicable to all Expand-a-Sign Products. Spare parts ordered are no exception. The applicable freight charges are based on economy rates (three business days) unless otherwise requested by the client.

5.3 Freight charges shown on the quotation are an estimate for the individual order and will, of course, vary according to actual order volume. Adjustments to the actual charge will be made at time of invoicing.

5.4 Any freight charges in excess of the quoted economy rate quoted will be for the cost of the client.

5.5 Whilst Matchbox Marketing & Design and Expand-a-sign shall do everything in their power to conform to expected delivery dates. Unforeseen circumstances and events delaying delivery that are beyond control of Matchbox Marketing & Design and Ex-pand-a-Sign shall not constitute a cause for claim against either party by the client. (Eg: Truckers strike.)

5.6 Onus is on the client to ensure ordering of product with sufficient lead time prior to up-comming events.

5.7 Spare components for damaged Expand-a-Sign Products will be provided on order. However, should the client require Matchbox Marketing & Design to inspect the item or items to ascertain the extent of the damage and the spare components required the time taken to fullfil this task will be chargeable at the prevailing hourly rate. The same will apply should Matchbox Marketing & Design be required to carry out the actual repair work.