Some of Our Latest Projects

Below you'll find our most recent labours of love, complete with some images and a little bit about the project.

Ujongilanga Foundation Presents Screaming Petunias

Services provided: Logo Design, Poster Design, Ticket Design, Programme Design

It's very easy for a design company to get caught up in the day-to-day, the hustle, the bustle, and in all things generally capitalistic. So when we get a chance to give a little back to the community, we jump at it.

The Ujongilanga Foundation came to us with one such opportunity.

This great NPO is headed up by one young and driven Kate Hillhouse. She, along with her foundation, are putting on an original theatre production (penned by herself and our friend Brett Mitchell of Alexander Road High School) for one night only in an attempt to raise funds to build a library in the Port Elizabeth Walmer Township - inspiring stuff.

We were able to help the Ujongilanga Foundation out by designing all the marketing materials for their show, Screaming Petunias, as well as a logo of their very own. Curious? It's simple - for those of us not well versed in the Xhosa language, Ujongilanga means sunflower; and with the foundation set to make many people's lives a little brighter, we couldn't think of better sybolism even if we tried.

So for anyone looking to indulge in a little culture, why not make an evening of it and do a little something for a great cause while you're at it. The show starts 19:30 on Saturday 21 July at the PEMADS Little Theatre and tickets are a mere R50. And as an added bonus a painting by renowned artist Sue Pienaar will be auctioned off after the show to raise even more funds.

For more info please feel free to contact either Kate or Brett...
via phone: Kate - 072 130 0295 or Brett - 071 354 2835
via email at screamingpetunias@gmail.com
or via their website.

Homeground Coffee Roasters

Services provided: Vehicle Branding

Homeground Coffee Roasters wanted to see their branding come to life on their beautiful brand new Audi A1. They already had the perfect base colour - chocolate brown, so after some decisions regarding vinyl colour and overall effect desired, we came up with this - we think it looks pretty awesome.

Be sure to look out for it next time you're in Grahamstown!


Services provided: CI and Website

SHE-lutions is a company that specialises in assessing and helping you attain (or maintain) you required competencies - with more than 10 years in various factories, plants, and warehouses, SHE-lutions is perfectly suited to get your company to standard. We developed their CI, their day-to-day working document templates, and their website.

Visit SHE-lutions at their website www.SHE-lutions.co.za

Homeground Coffee Roasters

Services provided: Apparel Design & Printing

Homeground Coffee Roasters was looking to further their brand, and what better way than having customers looking sharp while doing just that? As a first run we produced 4 variants on a chocolate coloured tee. To get your hands on one of these simply head down to Grahamstown and pay Homeground a visit - and why not grab some coffee too, while you're at it.

Services provided: Indoor and Outdoor Signage for a satelite store

Homeground Coffee Roasters have recently opened a store inside a new lifestyle centre in Kenton, and we were asked to get some signage put up for the opening.

Visit Homeground at their website www.Homeground.co.za

Rory Mclaren

Services provided: Website

Rory Mclaren is a very talented Singer/Entertainer (and recent Noot vir Noot guest-musician), currently performing in the Middle East.

For more info and to see some videos of Rory in action, visit www.RoryMclaren.co.za

Goldwater Preparatory School

Services provided: School CI

We were brought in to help create a school badge for the owners of Little Explorers - a highly acclaimed local pre-school that was looking to expand their offerings to include a grade-school.

You'll find Goldwater on Centenary Road, Lorraine, and it opens in 2012!


Services provided: Interface Design

We designed the front-end interface for a new web-based B-BBEE Verification application.

We chose a simple icon-based main menu, with binders serving as the basis for all the main icons. Binders mean structure, they mean document handling, and they mean business.

Heck, we liked the binder idea so much we made a simplified logo to match (It even makes an 'E' shape... see that? Yeah you did.)

FIS Group

Services provided: Website and Updated CI

We gave FIS Group's CI an update, just to give it a more modern presence. And then built their website around that style.

You can find the FIS Group site at www.fisgroup.co.za

Il Gelato

Services provided: 3D Promotional Media

We designed and oversaw the production of both an ice-cream-shaped perspex brochure stand and an ice-cream-dispenser fašade - both had cut perspex with vinyl stickers applied.

Bonties Plumbing & Electrical

Services provided: Website

The Bonties Plumbing & Electrical is now up and running. In keeping with the branding we've already designed for them, we've made a site that is friendly and inviting.

Users can browse through past projects, become informed by looking at examples of both good and bad installations and even download helpful PDF documents.

You can find the Bonties site at www.bonties.co.za